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We are optimists who Love to work together.

Reefer Cargo

Owing to the current trend of globalization and the ...

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Dry Cargo

Our dry cargo service is the simplest and most ...

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Transparent Pricing

Transportation and Logistics Services Prices Inland price lookup Use ...

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Forwarding Services

Service overview With our complex network of branches and agents ...

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Air Freight

All are fitted with modern security locks, safety cameras, ...

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Sea Freight

HOW DO WE WORK? We closely work with some ...

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    Why Choose Us

    We Aim to Contribute Well to Your Company

    Fast Transportion Service

    From our experienced drivers to our knowledgeable office staff, Premier Class Shipping and Security Company has the desire and commitment to work hand-in-hand to develop transportation solution that is truly customized to your needs.

    Safety and Reliability

    Whatever your shipment is, it will be delivered to your destination safely without hassles

    Shipping Worldwide

    We connect the world, fostering inclusive social prosperity and economic growth, whilst respecting and nurturing the home we all share - our blue planet.

    Our Team

    Our expert Team Member

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    Johnny Watson

    Finance Director
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    Senior Manager
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    Jennifer Rivera

    Shipping Director
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    25+ Years

    We have more than years of experience

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    About Premier Class Shipping and Security Company

    We Trusted Transport Logistic Company

    Premier Class Shipping and Security Company builds on an impressive heritage of pioneering success and growth. Our long legacy and our Values guide our business every day and also ensure that we can do business tomorrow.

    Global Service

    We always provide people a complete solution focused of any business.

    Local Service

    Our history is part of our platform for future success and thus intimately linked to our present activities and future goals.

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    What People and Clients Think About Us?

    “When I am in a pinch or need to move freight, my first choice is ...

    Nathan Felix

    “When it comes to freight companies there are loads of good reasons to like 1st ...

    Lillian Grace

    “My single experience with Premier Class Shipping and Security Company was beyond Exceptional!  I was clearly ...

    Jane Salima

    I only use Premier Class Shipping and Security Company for my shipping needs. My clients have ...

    Steve Powers

    I have been doing business with Premier Class Shipping and Security Company ever since they opened ...

    Erin Chang


    Let's Checkout our All Latest Project

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    All the way is our commitment to connect the world so that everyone has both ...

    Air freight forwarding

    We have outlined solutions which might help during this uncertain time. We are developing alternative ...

    A national wholesale distributor

    Our network of warehouses, adding up to millions of square metres around the globe, means ...

    Customized fleet technology solutions

    Experience the comfort of end-to-end deliveries with just a single partner, and make your supply ...

    Project Estimateing

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    Information is key to make decisions on the Go. That’s why, our dedicated team of experts are here for you. Do reach out to us, should you need any intel from your cargo status to our solutions, and we’ll be happy to help you out.