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Logistics Solutions

Keep your business moving during the COVID-19 situation

You might be suffering from supply chain constraints due to COVID-19. Once production normalizes, high demand for capacity available in the market will intensify, and there are various logistics solutions to meet your urgent shipping needs.

We have outlined solutions which might help during this uncertain time. We are developing alternative services across the logistic chain where possible and our customer service teams are able to provide more context.

Integrated Transport and Logistics

True industry-leading customer experience isn’t a vision. It’s a passion. A passion for our customers whose business is dependent on moving the right products to the right market at the right time.

As Consolidated Container Shipping Line is striving to be a true integrator of container logistics connecting and simplifying our customers’ supply chain through global end-to-end solutions we just made our customers´ life a lot easier. We are able to manage the entire product journey for them including Inland Services, Consolidated Container Shipping Line Customs Services, Ocean Freight, Warehouse Management and Distribution to name but a few.

How we enable our customer´s business in various industry sectors

We offer you dedicated end-to-end supply chain expertise and understand the challenges and characteristics of your industry.