Our Security Vaults is an independently owned world class highly secure storage facility located deep underground  Storage for  Domestic & International Airports . In premises first established by Central Bank, the Reserve Bank , Our Vaults’s insurance is underwritten by world leading insurers – the details of which can be made available upon request. Offering high security storage and logistics services the facility is open to all Bullion Dealers, Bullion Banks, Superannuation Funds, Managed Funds, Mining Companies, Trusts and Businesses along with private vault storage for the general public.

The ultimate in large weight and volume capacity with combined key and tumbler entry. 2t capacity.

Document storage held in individual A4 sealed Document Wallet in one of our fire resistance drawer safes. Only $9099/year!

Keyless digital code entry, high weight capacity, one size to 1700kg.

  We offer a full range of storage option sizes including our custom made high weight capacity Bullion Locker Safe units.  We also offer the convenience of easy delivery arrangements with our local bullion company partners. More and more people are making sizeable investments in precious metal bullion as global financial uncertainty prevails and major Governments around the world persist with aggressive debasement of fiat currencies and creation of asset bubbles. Importantly too, people are determining the importance and security of physical bullion storage as opposed to ‘paper’ ETF’s or Futures.

Precious metals bullion are one of the pre-eminent hard assets one can own.  They are also one of the few investments that have absolutely no counterparty risk.  They are no one’s liability and their value is intrinsic, not a ‘paper promise’.  It makes sense then, not to introduce unnecessary counter party risk by storing it in a financial institution, owning it through an ETF or similar ‘paper’ instrument.