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Archive for October 4th, 2021

Erin Chang

I have been doing business with Premier Class Shipping and Security Company ever since they opened their doors. The staff is amazing! Very helpful and considerate with a sense of urgency. Loads are 99% on time and the rates are very competitive. I look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.

Steve Powers

I only use Premier Class Shipping and Security Company for my shipping needs. My clients have all come to expect the excellent shipping and handling of their merchandise that Global has to offer. Their expediting team makes it possible to get jobs out last minute if necessary and let us know when it has delivered.

Jane Salima

“My single experience with Premier Class Shipping and Security Company was beyond Exceptional!  I was clearly not one of their big jobs and still their customer service and attention to detail was over the top! My entire experience from the first call with Rod, ‘what a guy’, to the final long haul delivery was personal, professional, […]

Lillian Grace

“When it comes to freight companies there are loads of good reasons to like Premier Class Shipping and Security Company,  I highly appreciate the teams response time, professionalism and dedication.  Their rates are good, most important their fleet is well maintained and that reflects on the care provided to the commodities they are entrusted with.”

Nathan Felix

“When I am in a pinch or need to move freight, my first choice is Premier Class Shipping and Security Company.  We move freight all over the country and trust them to do everything in their power to deliver on time.  Premier Class Shipping and Security Company also covers our regular lanes and ensures it is picked […]

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